Why choose Shopify for your business and how to set it up?

Why choose Shopify for your business and how to set it up?

Setting up an ecommerce website is no more a hassle. With Shopify you don’t have to learn HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to build a website for up and running your online store but if you know these programming languages well you can easily customize your website according to your needs. Shopify is an enterprise ecommerce platform that allows your business to be accessed online to the rest of the world.

Why opt for Shopify?

Out of all the numerous ecommerce platforms available, why should one choose Shopify? The reasons are as follows:

  • Hosted Solution: Shopify allows self-hosted solution where you can download and run the software from the scratch and also hosted solution where a customer doesn’t have to worry about the server, uptime, security, traffic etc. All these are taken care of by the platform provider.
  • Supports many languages: The best part about this platform is it supports multiple languages, it allows the person to translate the webpage into their preferred language thus its environment is user friendly.
  • Theme choices: it has 100+ professional themes available that allows you to make your website as attractive as possible.
  • Managed by your Smartphone: You can manage your store with the help of your Smartphone.
  • You can set up unlimited products on it.
  • It is available 24/7

Setting up Shopify for your business:

  • To get started, go to shopify.com and click “Get started”, follow the instructions and fill up your personal details to set up your store, you will be directed to the dashboard.
  • Explore your dashboard. It has homepage, orders, and products etc.
  • Pick a theme for your store, look for a theme that sets your website apart and makes it appealing for your users. You can also customize theme to adjust the design you have used.
  • Set up your page content. Go to online store/pages click on ‘home page’ and add the content you need your website to have.
  • Don’t forget to select a domain on Shopify, click “Buy new domain” button on the dashboard and follow through the process.
  • Enable online payments by selecting settings/payments.
  • You are done with the basics of setting up your store, now the last thing you need to do is to make it public. Go to Online store/Overview and click “unlock your store”, to make your website accessible publicly.

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